Thon Aroca ’s virgin coconut oil produced from fresh coconut milk at temperatures of -5 C using Centrifugal Separation Technology. The extra virgin coconut oil is easy to eat with rich Vitamin E and Lauric acid. Lauric acid is found in human breast milk that helps build immunity against free radicals and microbial.

Methodology of oil pulling therapy   
Oil Pulling is an ancient Indian health treatment method. Oil pulling is to put coconut oil into mouth and move it around teeth for approximately 15-20 minutes and spit it out. The amazing story started when Dr. F. Karach, MD, had proposed the report to the World Science Conference Seminar in 2534-2535, held in Russia. He described how oil pulling helps to heals cancer.  Continue next

Consuming coconut oil for treatment
Take 1 tablespoon at a time before meal 3 times per day and gradually increase to a 3-4 tbsp per day. According to the research: consuming coconut oil can prevent cold, kill HIV virus, herpes flu, cancer pain, swelling leukocyte type C hepatitis, virus in the mouth that cause heart disease, cure allergic skin inflammation, psoriasis blood pressure, fat disease, osteoporosis asthma, diabetes, prostate cancer, reduce obesity resolve constipation gastrointestinal inflammatory disease and help strengthen immune system. Coconut oil also helps to strengthen the body and brain performance for athletes. It is natural with no side effects which could also work with children from five years of age and pregnant women.                                                                             

Coconut oil can help maintain healthy skin.
Use as face lotion and body moisturizer to help skin looks younger without dryness and protect the skin from UV light. Itching, rash, acne and dandruff can be cured by applying coconut oil onto skin. It also can be used as hair treatment to prevent split end, dryness and to slow grey hair.
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